c.1946 Occupied Japan Friction Car In Original Box

c.1946 Occupied Japan Friction Car In Original Box

Awesome tin litho noir style evergreen sedan with brilliant yellow tires and polished tin accessories. Beautiful near mint unplayed with condition complete with original box.

Early post-war toy embossed with only "MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN" on the underside chassis. In my humble opinion it's incredibly attractive due to its very old manufacturing design combined with its exemplary condition. Made from a single sheet of embossed, lithoed tinplate. Chassis with motor was tab attached. Polished tin front grille, head lights, hood divider and front rear bumpers were then connected.

Front wheels are two metal halves pressed together. Rear wheels are rubber to provide traction.

The box has a fantastic panel wide illustration showing the vehicle from a low three-quarter view perspective making it appear streamlined. The remaining two panels were printed with more of a cartoonish side portrait on an incline. Endflaps marked only "friction car" and "made in occupied Japan". Includes original tissue paper packing material.

Friction motor works beautifully!

Size: 4½"

Date Sold: May 2008

Price Sold: $ 153


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