c.1958 Ichiko Highway Patrol Car & c.1970 TPS Magic Express With Original Box

c.1958 Ichiko Highway Patrol Car & c.1970 TPS Magic Express With Original Box

c. 1970, T.P.S. (Toplay), Battery Operated Magic Color Moon Express in Original Box

Terrific battery operated tin litho toy resembles a space age version of a steam locomotive...complete with cow catcher! Features two rotating plastic turbines, front and rear, with elongated tin litho passenger compartment. The translucent white bubble turbine in front lights up in alternating red and green colors. The rear multi-fin exhaust rotates simultaneously. In addition the pilot's cockpit is covered with a transparent canopy. The plastic pilot and tin interior can be seen as well as a rotating 3-spoke plastic device. All this occurs with concurrent stop and go random movement. Best of all everything works beautifully!

A later version of this toy was also released which was several inches shorter.

Original box illustrated with a great scene of the Express as it rockets through space. Other flying objects can be seen in the background. The toy name with it's multiple actions are printed along side. This layout was repeated in smaller print on the front, rear, and sides aprons as well. It still has its original $3.99 price sticker on the upper right corner. It also comes with it's two original inserts.

Size: 14½". 

c.1958 Ichiko, P.D. Highway Patrol Convertible

Scarce tin litho friction drive convertible features embossed interior with separately attached driver head and moving right arm. The arm with pistol in hand moves up and down as the car rolls forward. Underneath is a sparking wheel which would spark if it had a flint. The overall appearance of the car somewhat resembles an Austin Healey only it's black and white and has several highway patrol emblems. The bumpers, headlights, etc. are polished tin. The top half of the windshield is broken off and missing. The chassis is a single tin litho plate. Tires are solid rubber with tin litho centers. The friction works, but it grinds. This particular design was used as the basis for at least four other Ichiko vehicles including their rare Space Patrol car. Knowing this is the only way to identify the manufacturer since it has no identifying trademark; only Made In Japan.

Size: 8¼".

Date Sold: Jan. 2010

Price Sold: $ 285


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