1935 Buck Rogers Caster Catalogs with Original Illustrated Envelope

1935 Buck Rogers Caster Catalogs with Original Illustrated Envelope

Outstanding 16 page catalog featuring Buck Rogers 25th Century Caster sets. Produced by Rapaport Bros. Chicago, this catalog was a promotional mailer advertising the "new" trio of Buck Rogers metal casting sets. It comes complete in its original illustrated mailer envelope which includes Buck Rogers on the front. Also included is an original 24 page Junior Caster catalog. The Junior catalog introduces the "new exciting" Buck Rogers caster set.

The two catalogs were originally available "free" shipping and handling" through Boy's Life Magazine. In this case, Roswell Otto of St. Cloud, MN was the lucky recipient. Roswell's name was typed on the 9" x 6" dark orange envelope. The entire left side of the front of the envelope was printed with an awesome dark blue illustration of Buck Rogers with jet propelled backpack and Battle Cruiser Rocket Ship. The cover to the Junior Castor catalog was printed just below Buck in illustrated format. The envelope includes its original 1½ cent canceled postage stamp and is complete with its entire fold-over flap on the back side.

The Buck Rogers catalog was one of three printed by the company, however it was the only one which included eight daily strips from the actual newspaper comic. Each has its own title.

Buck and Wilma during an adventure on Planet Saturn

  • A perilous situation on Dione.
  • Killer Kane's plot to destroy Buck is foiled.
  • Among the Depth Men of Planet Jupiter.
  • When the Martian Moon Deimos was destroyed.
  • Buck and midget Asterites.
  • During this Episode Buck found Atlantis, the city lost beneath the sea.
  • Buck's adventure in Estaria on Planet Uranus.

Also included were tips on how to make money, games to play, story of Buck Rogers, a centerfold photo layout of the three Buck Rogers caster outfits, photographs and pricing of extra moulds, illustrations and pricing of additional equipment, an order page, and gift advertising. The back cover has a fantastic black and white Dick Caulkins drawing of the Martian Fleet attacking Earth!

It's also important to point out that the order page was factory stamped with the date that it was mailed out, December 10, 1935. The page itself was never filled out.

The standard Junior Caster catalog was also sent in the envelope. This is the same 24 page booklet which was included with the purchase of every caster set. As a result they're usually lost, or in very poor condition. This example, however is the highest grade I've seen because it was never part of a caster set. It advertises the full line of caster sets including extra moulds and pricing. It too has a stamped order page, December 9. 1935. It was never filled in.

Sizes: Buck Rogers catalog 8" x 5". Caster Catalog 4¼" x 8". Envelope 9" x 6"

Date Sold: Mar. 2008

Price Sold: $ 228


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