1935 Marx Siren Fire Chief Car In Original Box

1935 Marx Siren Fire Chief Car In Original Box

I purchased this spectacular pressed steel, clockwork, Marx, Siren Fire Chief Car from the estate of the original owner. It was a recent attic find and had been given as a Christmas gift in 1935. It was never played with. Grading near mint+ it's one of the most "factory original" pristine examples I've seen. The toy also comes complete with its original box. Simply put, the box is fantastic! It's in unbelievable near mint condition and still has its original hand-signed Christmas card and envelope. It's only the second time I've seen an original box for this car series which graded above excellent+.

The Siren Fire Chief car was produced in four variations; 1) friction motor, 2) clockwork with electric lights, 3) clockwork without electric lights, and 4) clockwork with electric lights and modified hood design. The same body was used for electric and non-electric models. This accounts for the die cut battery opening under the front chassis even though it's not electric. Both the Hoge Mfg. Co., and the Girard Mfg. Co., manufactured nearly identical vehicles.

Wonderful art deco streamlined design gives it an illusion of speed even when standing still. It's made from heavy gauge, enameled pressed steel and weighs over two pounds. Brilliant cherry red body with yellow text on the hood and doors. The Marx logo was printed only on the box. The toy itself is unmarked. The front grille is chrome plated steel. The bumpers are 1 16" thick unpolished steel. Its original 1935 license plate is pressed aluminum with painted reflector. Tires are solid black rubber with chrome plated metal hubs. The front tires are mounted to a realistic steering wheel rack that can be turned to either side. It has a manual hand brake lever. The key is original. The car originally sold for 89 cents.

Best of all everything works beautifully. The motor is strong and it doesn't slip or stall. While its running the motor also produces a loud high pitched siren wail. It does this by rotating a small internal fan housed inside a closed speaker-like mechanism attached to the underside of the car. The fan generates a current of air which passes over a thin membrane similar to a "paper comb". The sound is instantly recognizable.

The box is an early sleeve design with a sliding insert. One panel, printed in red and blue, contains all text (toy name, manufacturer name and address). Also printed is the earliest Marx "MAR" logo. The remaining panels are blank. A simple hand written Christmas card with original envelope was still inside the box. It reads "To Richard, Merry Christmas from Ronald". Looks like Richard never played with the toy.

Size: 14½" x 5" x 4-3/4"

Date Sold: Apr. 2008

Price Sold: $ 2027


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