1939 Wyandotte, No. 391 Semi-Tractor Trailer Side-Dump Truck in Original Box

1939 Wyandotte, No. 391 Semi-Tractor Trailer Side-Dump Truck in Original Box

This fabulous Wyandotte pressed steel six-wheeled truck is "fresh to the antique toy collecting "market". It was found during a sell-off auction of the contents of a General Store in upstate New York. It's never been played with and comes complete with its original box. It also comes with its original play shovel.

Wyandotte manufactured several versions of this truck after the War and into the early 1950's. However, this model was the very first type produced and was the only pre-War truck from the series. 

The colors are brilliant and so intense that it's evident that it never saw the light of day. Dazzling orange, yellow, and green with dark black striping. The shovel also shows the same color intensity; with red on one side, and light blue on the reverse. The original paper bag which packaged the shovel is also included.

The manual lever located in the front of the trailer tips the bed sideways for dumping. The left wall of the trailer bed is hinged for that purpose. The T-lock which keeps the trailer wall stationary while shipping (located on the lower center edge in the first photo) has never been bent or removed. Since it's still in place the dump bed raises only an inch or so, but this is actually a major plus. As a result there are no scrapes near the hinges and only one tiny scrape caused by the dump lever on the underside of the dump bed. That one scrape was not there at the beginning of the auction.  

Additional features include recessed head lights, an embossed front grille, embossed cab sides, embossed trailer, and two-sided pressed steel disk wheels. The cab and trailer are permanently connected. They do not detach. "Dump Truck" and "Wyandotte Toys" are embossed on both sides of the trailer. It has 100% of both of its original "Wyandotte Construction Co." decals.

Although the original box didn't survive as well as the truck, it served its purpose to protect the contents. Each box panel is identical; the center has a photograph of the truck which is flanked by the manufacturer's name, address, and company motto (Wyandotte Toys are Good and Safe).

Size: 17" x 5¼" x 5".

Sold: Jun. 2006

Price Sold: $ 426


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