1935 Marx, New Rocket Racer in Original Box

1935 Marx, New Rocket Racer in Original Box

Outstanding high grade example of one of Marx's most popular clockwork tin litho racers. The New Rocket Racer epitomizes art deco styling at its best. The streamlined auto is 16" long and covered with brightly contrasted colors. It grades excellent+ to near mint making it one of the highest condition examples I've seen. Best of all, it comes complete with its rare original box. It's the first box I've found for this toy.

The New Rocket Racer was one of Marx's most popular racers and at 25¢ retail it was affordable to many Depression era kids. Possibly this is why many of those found today have been heavily used.

The original box is exceptionally scarce since the pointed rear fin tail and torpedo shaped grill would tear through the thin layer cardboard.

The lithography was beautifully designed with a red body and chassis and covered with streamlined swirls of red, green, blue, black, and yellow. It has a small, black and yellow grille and its original rubber nose bumper. The sides each have four orange exhausts, and the contoured "Rocket Racer" logo in white lettering. It has a red windshield frame, green driver with red cap, blue cowl and yellow, green and white horizontal tail fins. The wheels are pressed disks with green centers and black rims. 

The box is all text. "Marx New Rocket Racer", "Fast As Lightning", and "The Car of the Future" were printed on both main panels. The Marx logo and trademark appear on the endflaps. This particular box was also once a Christmas present. This  includes an antique  "Do Not Open Until Christmas" Santa sticker, as well as four smaller stickers. In my opinion the stickers add to the attractiveness of the toy because they tell some of the history behind it.

This toy is all original without any repairs, touch-up's or replaced parts. 

Size: 16¼".

Sold: Dec. 2006

Price Sold: $ 1901


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