c.1928 Lindstrom, Mechanical "Cry-Baby" Temper Tantrum Boy

c.1928 Lindstrom, Mechanical

Both unusual and hideous this heavy tin litho clockwork "Cry-Baby" boy has one of the most grotesque looking facial features I've seen on any toy. Distantly similar to some of the vibrating toys manufactured by Chein, the cry-baby is one piece without separately attached legs and is unmarked. The key is attached.

Incredible lithography and detail. Besides the facial features details such as individual hairs can be seen on the boy's head. He's wearing a red, white, and blue beanie, with blue shirt with open red collar, green knickers, and red and white high-top stripped socks. The toy leans forward slightly at the waist with knees crouched. True to his name he vibrates up and down as if throwing a temper tantrum. I've only seen this toy once before and have never seen the box.

Size: 4½" tall.

Sold: Mar. 2005

Price Sold: $ 310


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