c.1955 Japan (Marked Hadson), Fish in Original Box 

c.1955 Japan (Marked Hadson), Fish in Original Box 

This friction drive "Fish" manufactured in Japan by unknown company. Hadson, as marked, was a U.S. importer for several Japanese company's.

Very realistic brook trout, all embossed tin litho, and with realistic moving parts. No plastic on this fish! It also comes with it's colorful original box. 

The attention to detail is incredible. It genuinely captures the appearance of a natural fish, both in color and movement. It's beautifully embossed with raised eye sockets, mouth and even lips. It also moves gracefully just like the real thing. As the toy moves forward its gill covering fins slowly open and close. Simultaneously the tail moves from side to side. The result is a swimming fish! 

The toy is marked with the manufacturer's logo on the left side near the base of the tail.

The box has a simple, color illustration of the Fish. It still has its original 39¢ price sticker on it.  

Size: 9¼".

Sold: Jan. 2006

Price Sold: $ 139


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