1956 Classy Prod., Roy Rogers Double Holster & Pistol Set No. 2805 in Orig. Box

1956 Classy Prod., Roy Rogers Double Holster & Pistol Set No. 2805 in Orig. Box

This is one of the finest sets of Roy Rogers double pistols and holsters I've seen. It was manufactured by Classy Products Corp. and is complete with its original box. They've never been used or fired. The pistols grade near mint-. Box grades excellent. In addition, I could not find any reference for this specific color combination of either the pistols or holsters in the Backyard Buckaroos Collecting guide. I've also included two unused boxes, 10 rolls, of vintage Acme roll caps.

The die cast pistols are nickel plated without scrollwork. They're very solid with the "feel" and weight of cast iron. Roy Rogers name was embossed on both sides of the frame. The metal grips are dark bronze and embossed with Roy and Trigger on both sides, as well as an overlapping double-R. Squeezing the trigger cocks and releases the hammer, however they can also be manually cocked and fired. Both are signed with the manufacturers name on the back side of the cap chamber which are opened manually. The holsters still have all six original plastic copper bullets, however the cylinders are stationary (therefore the bullets cannot be inserted and are for "show" only).

The holsters are separated into right and left halves buckled together at the center. They're two tone brown and light bronze with white fringe and natural leather leg straps. They're completely made of leather backed with brown felt. The backing extends beyond the edges of the leather with repeated scalloping all the way around. Each holster has an elegantly scrolled chrome plated tin-plate diamond and circular concho with bronze jewels in the center (four total). The buckles and strap holders are chrome plated tin plate.

The box was illustrated in full color with the gate corral entrance to Roy's Double R Bar Ranch with Roy and Trigger on the cover. Roy and Dale's "pledge of quality" was printed in the lower right corner. The 1956 copyright date is in the lower left corner. Around the entire box perimeter are bullets aligned vertically. The set number 2805 was stamped on one of these box sides.

Size: Pistols 8¾". Holster 22" wide (not including belts and buckles), Box 13" x 13" x 2". 

Price Sold: $ 1700


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