c.1958 TPS, Happy Skaters (Skating Bear) in Original Box

c.1958 TPS, Happy Skaters (Skating Bear) in Original Box

This TPS Skating Bear is the very first example I've seen which was working, complete, and all original. It's one of the more difficult to find skating toys. Plus it comes with its scarce original box.

The upper half of the toy is all tin litho with red rubber ears....and the ears are original. Not replacements! The TPS trademark was lithoed on the upper left rear shoulder. He's wearing his original satin sheen trousers with the original key attached. The skates are tin litho with original "attachments".

The skate attachments for this toy are very important. So important that they must be in place or the toy won't work. The left skate has its original polished tin balance support guide. The right skate has a small protruding lever which moves cam-like up and down and permits the toy to pivot. Most important of all is the large metal wheel connected to the inside of the left skate. This wheel is has a rubber rim. Having the complete rim is essential to provide friction and movement. Frequently as the rubber ages it hardens and cracks. Even near mint in box toys can be missing all or part of the rubber. If that's the case the toy won't work!

This example, sold from a recent hoard of unused toys is in virtually mint condition. It works exactly as it's supposed to. That is; it moves forward while the arms swing in opposite directions back and forth like a real skater. Every couple seconds the toy turns in random directions and continues its skating movements. It's quite clever, but best of all it works flawlessly!

The box features a Japanese style illustration in full color. It shows several critters wearing human clothing with two bears skating front and center. A monkey, parrot cop and even a couple ducks look on. Front and rear panels show Mr. Bear skating away, while the sides show him at rest. It includes the original box bottom as well.

Size: 6". 

Sold: Aug. 2013

Price Sold: $ 333


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