1933 Wyandotte, Coupe with Electric Lights in Orignal Box

1933 Wyandotte, Coupe with Electric Lights in Orignal Box

This magnificent pressed steel Wyandotte (All Metal Products Co.,) coupe was purchased from the estate of the original owner. The condition is extraordinary, ranking as one of the highest grade Depression-era Wyandotte toys I've seen. It was never played with. Just as amazing; it comes complete with its rare original box which is the first I've seen for this model.

Parts and paint on this vehicle are original. The was verified under both blacklight and magnified halogen lighting. Only a single headlight has been replaced. In addition, the rubber tires grade as the best I've seen without any warping or distortion. And yes, the electric headlights work great using a single D-cell battery. 

It's entirely made from two pieces of pressed, heavy gauge folded steel, dipped in enamel, baked dry, and tabbed together. The spoke rubber tires were made using natural rubber. "Made in USA" and "Wyandotte Toys" in raised lettering were molded into the sidewalls. 

The headlights are both white-backed with flattened bulbs. The oversize 5/8" bulb diameter was used only on some of the earliest toy vehicles and are  difficult to find in working condition. The standard antique flattened bulb is ½" diameter. The circuit is completed using it's original rubber backed light bar and steel lever located just above the center of the left running board. The battery is held in place using its original metal clip. The headlights are two different voltages, 1.1v (replaced) and 2.5v (original). This makes one slightly brighter than the other. I couldn't find a working 2.5v lamp to match the original. 

The box was printed with an accurate illustration of the coupe on all four panels along with the toy name, manufacturer name, address, and motto. The endflaps are all text. In addition to the manufacturer information the catalog number 331 was added. The inner flaps are the interlocking curved style. 

The original retail price was .30¢.

Size: 8¼".

Sold: Sep. 2008

Price Sold: $ 589


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