1927 Marx, Limping Lizzy in Original Box

1927 Marx, Limping Lizzy in Original Box

Marx and Linemar intermittently produced several versions of their Limping Lizzie toy for nearly 30 years. Based loosely on a 1925 Strauss toy called Dizzy Lizzie, it was available for only one year although two versions were produced. This toy is the first version. In later years it was called the "Old Jalopy". The toy originally sold through the Sears-Roebuck catalog for 25¢. This is only the second high grade Limping Lizzie I've found with it's original box. It's in excellent+ condition.

Closely resembling Ford's "new" Model A, the toy is all tin litho and powered by a clockwork spring wound motor with attached key. The body is solid black and is covered with white 1920's era puns. It has a uniformed driver and single bench seat. The wheels have embossed spokes with parallel tread lines. The tires are white, but they were also produced in red, blue, and green. The spare tire is mounted below the rear windshield.

Each end of the rear axle has a 90° bend and point in opposite directions. In other words, when the left rear wheel is down, the right rear wheel is up. The rear tires are also slightly oval. This all gives it a rickety up and down movement while it moves forward. The same feature was used again in 1930 for Marx's, Amos n' Andy Fresh Air Taxi. 

The front axle can be adjusted by moving it into one of three notches (right, left, or straight). The original metal clip which secures the axle is still in place. 

The box was printed with two knickered lads wearing period clothing. An accurate representation of the car was illustrated between them. The two opposite panels include the slogan "Baby Here's Your Rattle". The endflaps include the manufacturer name, address, and logo. This is the only place in which the logo appears. 

It's one of the few Marx toys which does not have a Marx logo embossed or lithoed onto it making it difficult to identify without the box. 

Size: 7½"

Sold: Sep. 2008

Price Sold: $ 677


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