1953 Marusan, Lucky Baby Machine in Original Box

1953 Marusan, Lucky Baby Machine in Original Box

This is the "Lucky Baby Machine" manufactured by Marusan in Japan complete with its original box. I've never seen or heard of this toy before (and with a name like Lucky Baby Machine I'd remember if I did). It was originally owned in the early 1950's by a U.S. toy importer and stayed in their family. Prior to my photographing it, it had never been out of the original box. It's never been played with. 

The toy consists of an elaborately lithoed, clockwork, tin treadle (foot powered) sewing machine which sits on a large platform. A celluloid girl figure sits clamped to the front of the machine. Her legs and arms can be positioned to make it appear that she's operating the machine. The manufacturer's trademark and "Made In Japan" were molded into the celluloid just below the back of the neck.

The bright red sewing machine has "Lucky" lithoed on both sides and works just a real old-time Singer sewing machine. It still has its original fabric swatch. The wind-up mechanism concealed inside the base operates the pulley system which simultaneously pumps the foot pedal while causing the "needle" to move up and down. A bell inside the base also rings at the same time. The key is attached and it has a start/stop switch. There is no lithographed trademark. The original rubber band pulley belt had dried and cracked. It's still inside the box along with its small tissue separator. I've replaced the band. Best of all it works great!

The red, yellow, and blue colored box was printed with the colors shifted slightly off center. This makes sections of the print appear as a doubled image; such as the figure's face and the bird in the lower right corner. Interestingly, one of the bottom panels still has its original Japanese "Good Quality" sticker (see 2nd box photo). This can be used to date the toy. The Japanese Industrial Standard, or JIS, indicated that the product met quality standards within Japan and for export. The letter "Z" refers to the product category. In this case Z=miscellaneous. The numbers 7113 and 7114 were sequentially assigned to those "Z" products established in 1953. 7113 and 7114 were withdrawn in 1956.

Size: 5" x 3" x 5¼".

Sold: Dec. 2008

Price Sold: $ 510


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