1952 Technofix No 266 Twin Car Elevator In Original Box

1952 Technofix No 266 Twin Car Elevator In Original Box

Technofix manufactured some of the most clever and mesmerizing German post-war clockwork toys. This No.266 Twin Car Elevator is no different. It's unusual design alternates the movement of two vehicles independently, yet on the same track. Each continues moving smoothly without colliding until the clockwork motor runs down. The toy, which I've sold only one previous time, is in excellent+ to near mint condition and is complete with its original box.

It consists of an enclosed diorama with a wide city-scape in the background. The toy represents the interior of the large circular, futuristic, glass parking garage (first photo). For added realism the floor of the diorama box was lithoed with additional parked vehicles. To begin, each vehicle is placed on the right corner of both the lower and upper tracks. Once wound the stop start lever is released. With crank-like action the upper roadway raises and lowers. As this happens the upper car slides down the ramp landing onto the lower track. Gravity propels it forward. The upper ramp continues to lower and move towards the right to scoop up the second vehicle on the bottom track. It raises it up allowing the upper vehicle to slide into the position which was just occupied by the lower. The crank again lowers the upper track releasing the second vehicle and the cycle repeats. It works flawlessly and even becomes a little hypnotic after a while.

Like most Technofix boxes it's almost all illustration with very little text. The front panel shows several cars entering and exiting the elevated garage. The city in the background gives it the illusion of height. The side panels show the main highway and the entrance ramp to the garage. To the left are several vehicles parked at different levels. Manufacturer trademark and catalog number were printed on the side panels.

Size: 17" long x 3" tall x 1½" wide. Vehicle 1-7 8"

Sold: Apr. 2008

Price Sold: $ 270


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