c.1958 Taiyo, Blink-A-Gear Robot in Original Box

c.1958 Taiyo, Blink-A-Gear Robot in Original Box

Taiyo's battery operated "Blink-A-Gear" is the quintessential blockhead robot. Think about it; you "got" your classic stoic blockhead machine, made of deep gloss-black tinplate and plastic, brilliant green flashing eyes, walking forward with moving accordion-like arms and legs, plus ten illuminated whirling "belly" gears, and emitting a loud grinding sound! These are the features which have made the "Blink-A-Gear" Robot consistently desirable......not to mention that having the original box doesn't hurt.

What's plastic? Arms, legs, feet, chest gears, green tinted chest plate, eyes, and dome light. Tinplate includes the torso, head, facial details (except the eyes), twin tank backpacks, and battery box. And at the bottom he still has all four of his original rubber friction rollers. 

Best of all every action, every light, every gear does exactly what its supposed to do. Work! Without any hesitation, slowing, or limping.

The box cover beautifully illustrates a couple of Blink-A-Gear's performing their mechanized functions aboard a "death-star" like space ship. Portrait close-up's of the robot along side the toy name and actions are printed on the box aprons. All are in full color. There are no inserts. 

Size: 15".

Sold: Sep. 2011

Price Sold: $ 983


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