c.1927 American Flyer, 5pc. Clockwork Train Set in Original Box

c.1927 American Flyer, 5pc. Clockwork Train Set in Original Box

Fantastic five piece wind-up clockwork train set from American Flyer. Cast iron and tin litho grades as one of the finest I've seen. It barely looks like it was ever used. Comes with 14 track sections (12ft.) and rare original box with inserts.

Set is composed of the following. 

  • AF Cast Iron clockwork locomotive (AF with no numerical marking): Probably the highlight of the entire set it retains nearly 100% of its original rich, deep black paint. Cab windows and A.F. embossing are trimmed in orange. Tapered boiler with side pipes, bell, and stack interior trimmed in gold. With original nickel plated key and brake lever. 10 spoke red painted die cast drivers (wheels) with straight piston rods and front guides. Single screw on left boiler removes clockwork motor. Size: 6½". 
  • American Flyer 120 tender with faux tail light- Tin litho with American Flyer written in script on an upwards diagonal. Orange body with green and gold trim. Large 120 on the back. Base is stamped tin litho. Tail up light is plated tin trimmed in black. Metal wheels. Note: There are five cars, but only four compartments. I don't know how it would fit in. Possibly it was purchased as an addition to the set. Size: 4¾".
  • Passenger Car 1 - Brown tin litho body with red and white window details and orange roof on stamped metal frame. Windows are die cut; five on each side. Doors have solid window panels. Metal couplers on both ends. Labeled American Flyer Lines (no numerical marking). Metal wheels. Size: 6½". 
  • Passenger Car 2 - Description same as above. Size: 6½".
  • Observation Car - Brown tin litho body trimmed with red and white die cut windows. Solid panels in doors. Open platform on rear contained within brass plated railings, die cut rear door, and white scalloped roof trim. Stamped metal frame. Metal wheels. The center of the back railing has an embossed, polished tin oval decoration. Front coupler only. No numerical markings. Size: 6½". 
  • Track - 10 curved, 2 straights, 2 switchers (one with remote lever) - polished tin has dulled on all, but everything is intact without damage of any kind. Total length equals 12 feet. 
  • Box and Insert: 14" square x 3½". Two piece solid brown box. Original American Flyer label on box cover side panel.

Sold: Oct. 2007

Price Sold: $ 2050


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