1952 Georg Kohler, Clockwork Puss n' Boots in Original Box

1952 Georg Kohler,  Clockwork Puss n' Boots in Original Box

Based on the famous tale of a cat whose goal was to prove that he was more valuable to its owner than just catching mice, this handsome toy is a faithful rendition of the literate feline right down to his tin litho purse. Tin litho wind-up clockwork toy manufactured by Georg Köhler, Nuremberg, Germany and comes with its original box. 

The toy features realistically animated walking legs which lift up slightly while walking. The arms are synchronized to move opposite to the position of the leg making it even more realistic (leg forward - arm down, leg back - arm up). The extra long tail tipped with smooth die cast metal on the underside makes this possible. As with most Köhler toys the quality is outstanding. Intricately lithoed, brilliant colors, finely detailed, and solid construction. Note how the two body halves are perfectly aligned. 

The body, head, tail, and arms are tin litho. The dazzling, oversized red boots are hard plastic. Puss carries his original walking stick and tin litho money purse. His ears and hat feather are felt cloth. The brass plated key, which is original to the toy, comes in its original paper wrapping.  

In true German fashion the box features a full color, panel wide, wordless illustration on both sides. The side panels show the toy' animated walking ability using four successive drawings. The endflaps have the manufacturer's trademark and "Made in Western Germany". The toy is marked with the logo just below the right elbow. 

Size: 5".

Sold: Nov. 2007

Price Sold: $ 224


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