c.1951 Hubley Large Bell Telephone Truck In Original Box

c.1951 Hubley Large Bell Telephone Truck In Original Box

Spectacular example of the largest die cast Bell Telephone Truck produced by Hubley in amazing mint condition. Truck is complete with all accessories and every part is in the same pristine condition. Includes awesome original box, insert, plus accessory boxes.

Purchased from Bertoia Auctions as part of their dispersal of the Donald Kaufman collection of rare transportation toy. Catalog graded as "like new condition". In other words it's a mint in box toy.

As part of their Kiddie series Hubley produced several sizes of their Bell Telephone truck including cast iron, but this 12½" model was their largest die cast version. At 3lbs. not including accessories it's also one of the heaviest. It's a solid olive green color with silver highlights.

It features lotsa neat playstuff like the sliding half-roof (see photos). When you slide the roof back you can see that the pickup bed has embossed cross-hatching just like a real truck. Inside is a working windlass with an exterior crank. In this case the crank has never been turned, the braided cord is all original, and the tow hook has never been used.

Also as part of the set is the original dolly pole (or red trailer) and brown wooden pole with original red felt "flag". Both the truck and dolly have solid, black rubber tires. Oh, and the dolly, or trailer, has never been hitched to the truck. It even has the original factory rubber band which holds the pole to the dolly.

The set includes the original silver painted windlass, pry bar, and two shovels. The original accessory boxes for the implements and dolly are there as well (and in perfect condition).

And it all comes complete with its original red, black, and green illustrated box. It has some terrific graphics of the truck shown from the left side and in 3/4 perspective. The box has all six of its original endflaps. That's a rare thing considering the excessive weight of the toy. Last, but not least is the original cardboard insert.

Size: Truck 12½", Dolly (trailer) 5½", Pole 11". 

Date Sold: Sept. 2009

Price Sold: $ 330


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