1957 Marx, Lumar Wrecker Truck w/Boom & Friction Car in Original Box

1957 Marx, Lumar Wrecker Truck w/Boom & Friction Car in Original Box

Magnificent combination vehicle set by Marx. Store stock sample never played with. Includes fantastic multicolored pressed steel wrecker truck, tin litho friction drive automobile, steel wrecker boom tower, boom arms, tow hooks, inserts with separate box for car, and awesome original illustrated box. The set has never been assembled.

The Lumar truck is all pressed steel an completely lithographed with "pop-art" style graphics. Its white body is streamlined with black, yellow, and red racing lines. Beautiful red and white checkerboard hood complimented with red and yellow checkerboard rear panels. Embossed front and rear wheel wells, Separate front grille assembly embossed in red, white, and black. Bed interior lithoed with "wooden" slats. Covered with advertising. Tires are treaded polyethylene and embossed "Lumar". The truck was manufactured in West Virginia. 

Separately included is a 5" high  x 3" wide, steel, cross-braced hi-lift boom tower. It fits into slots located in the truck bed. Incredibly, it's never been assembled into the bed because insertion of the tabs would've scratched the both the truck and the tabs. It also has its original separate steel boom arms which connect to the tower and three original metal rods (two for support and the third is the lifter hook). 

The car is all tin litho, forest green coupe with cream colored roof and side panels. The styling and design most closely resembles a 1954 Packard. The interior is blue and white. The dashboard is extensively detailed and unusual in that, although the steering wheel is on the left driver's side (where it should be), the speedometer is located on the right passenger side. The rear trunk has the Linemar logo and "Made in Japan". Chrome plated parts include the front grille assembly, wrap around front and rear bumpers, winged wheel well trim, front and rear windshield frames and hood ornament. The chassis is solid plate lithoed black. The tires are rubber with chrome caps. 

It's unusual to find a set like this with 10 years styling difference between the two vehicles. Substitution is always possible in a 50 year old set like this, however the original box shows this exact car and truck side by side. They're beautifully printed in high contrast red, white, and black. The side panels show a portrait of the truck towing the car. The rear box panel has the printed schematic instructions for assembling the boom tower, supports, and metal rods. 

Size: Truck 16¼" x 6" wide. Car 8¼" x 3¾"wide.

Sold: Nov. 2005

Price Sold: $ 423


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