1941 Unique Art Mfg. Co., Flying Circus in Original Box

1941 Unique Art Mfg. Co., Flying Circus in Original Box

Probably the most unusual clockwork tin litho "flyer tower" toys ever produced was this Flying Circus manufactured by Unique Art Mfg. Co. With its large three dimensional figural elephant, belly-whopping flying clown, tailless jet plane and huge 27" long cross beam it was certainly one of the heaviest. It was the largest toy of its type produced by Unique Art. Compared with other U.S. company's only the super rare 1929 Marx Cross Country Flyer is larger. This example comes complete with all four original components, plus its huge color illustrated box with directions.

The toy centers around a large figural circus elephant dressed in a gold fringed red and blue uniform. With raised head, neck and trunk it stands on a circular red, white, blue, and yellow base in the middle of a large white star with a red circle in the center. Every detail  that could possibly be embossed.....was embossed! It's the embossing, color, and excruciating litho detail that makes it look way more appealing than any cylindrical tower. 

Balanced on one end of the cross beam is an 8" long figural clown. Like the elephant it's highly embossed and loaded with color and litho detail. Hanging from the other end of the cross beam is the heavier tin jet plane. Lithoed with exhausts on the fuselage it has no rear wings. The topside of the main wings show several sky high animals kept aloft with parachutes, balloons, and airplane. It has an attached rear key and start/stop propeller switch. The wheels are plastic or celluloid. Although the jet is much heavier than the clown, once the toy gets going the cross beam becomes nearly horizontal.

The box was illustrated with a detailed drawing which closely resembles the toy. In the background is the circus with several tents, a ferris wheel, and lots of people. The image was repeated on every panel. One endflap was colored nearly entirely in blue with a small plane at the bottom. The name of the toy "Flying Circus" appears in a cloud-like formation with the lower left corner having the Unique Artie juggling clown logo. The flap is hinged on one side to open. The original directions and schematics are included on the two inner flaps. The opposite endflaps were left blank except for some old smeared numbers on the lower half. These flaps interlock closed to hold the weight of the toy. 

Size: Elephant 12", Jet 7" fuselage and 8" wingspan. Box approx. 13" x 6" x 7".

Sold: Jan. 2007

Price Sold: $ 1226


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